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Smart Start Alcohol Interlock Devices

Smart Start alcohol interlock device's are successfully used for drink drive offenders, voluntary participants and for commercial applications.

Smart Start Interlocks expertise is in targeting drink drive offenders to ensure they can Separate Drinking From Driving.™ An alcohol ignition interlock device is designed to prevent the participants vehicle from starting if alcohol is present on their breath. The alcohol ignition interlock device will measure and record the level of alcohol on your breath and record the measurement for each time the user takes a test. This information is then downloaded by your local alcohol interlock service centre on a monthly basis and forwarded to the monitoring authorities upon request.

Why Choose Smart Start Alcohol Interlocks?

Is there a Smart Start Alcohol Interlock service centre nearby?

At Smart Start Interlocks we pride our selves on high standards of quality workmanship from all of our fully trained staff, to install and service our interlock devices to the strict alcohol interlock program guidelines set by state regulators. Alcohol interlock installation can be carried out at any of our service centres.

Smart Start Interlocks currently have service centres in ACT, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria and are in the process of setting up agents in Queensland and South Australia. For more information on service centre locations and your states alcohol interlock program, please navigate to our
alcohol interlock service centres page

For further information on the alcohol interlock program in your state navigate to the FAQ's in the menu above

Alcohol Interlock Program information can also be found on the links page

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